Wednesday, 12 February 2014

La Haine Context Case Study

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Set Work for Weds & Half Term

Read over the following slides on the Section B blog - this is where we will be studying from now on

Identify the following terms for use in your case study

Last week
Audience vs Spectator - define?
Emotional Response (last week)
Factor that affect (gender, sexuality, experiences, beliefs)

Processes of Spectatorship 1: Alignment & Allegiance

Define the following terms and apply to the clips - write up your notes on the attached worksheet

Now use your note from last week and the clips to gather the Textual Evidence to discuss how we are aligned with the characters.


Apply to demonstrate: Pick your Case Study from the list of Film recommended to discuss you own emotional response and alignment:

Task: Analyse the Micro techniques (MES, Cinematography, Editing, Sound) used by the director to provoke/manipulate these responses to gain the preferred reading/response from the spectator. Explain how this functions and what factors affect this?

Brokeback Mountain

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Spectatorship - Intro Emotional Response & Spectatorship Theory

Spectatorship Theory

Emotional Responses - Spectatorship & FMJ

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Tribute

Full Metal Jacket Post Viewing - Duality of Man & Exemplar answer

Section B: Film & Audience Experience - Mark Scheme & Content

Theoretical Approaches: Spectatorship, Reception, Cognitive & The Gaze
HISTORICAL - Clockwork Orange/Full Metal Jacket
FUTURE - Fans Xmen & 3D 

Our Key texts: Clockwork Orange
Django Unchained- The Black Gaze
X-men Days of Future Past (or Hunger Games)
One other from your own case study
Requiem For a Dream