Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Essay for today mock exam - email

1. Complete the analysis grids of Black Swan using the Mirror Stage and Male Gaze

2. Read the 3 resources and apply their ideas to chosen scenes

3. Write a response to the essay question on Gender (title is under last weeks lesson) using each of the 4 critical approaches (psychoanalysis, mirror stage, male gaze, Spectatorship) to Black Swan as a separate paragraph.

4. Look at last weeks lesson (some didn't cover) to help you and the 3 resources on Black Swan

Answer the question - how significant gender to a spectators experience and what evidence do you have for your argument?

Para 1.
Themes of parental influence (see clips on Psycho etc) on childhood and repressed subconscious animalistic desires (sex violence, sexuality)

Para 2.
Mirror stage
Themes of struggles with identity and the any Micro techniques used to break the God like perspective given by continuity editing and use of the 3rd person camera

Para 3
Male Gaze
Voyeurism and sexual gratification

Para 4
Spectatorship - alignment, emotional response/intellectual/spectacle and FACTORS - MAKE A JUDGMENT ABOUT GENDER IN BLACK SWAN
How does this GENDERED approach apply similarly to Clockwork Orange as well as Black Swan?

Sum up your points and argument

Email to when complete

Homework for Easter - counter argument; Oppositional Gaze

Research oppositional gazes - queer gaze, female gaze, black gaze - and write Present an analysis on a contemporary film of your choice using reviews, ratings and google scholar to apply an Oppositional Gaze.
Present this film week 1 next module with key scenes that show your analysis of the oppositional gaze and how it is constructed (micro) to create response in the spectator

Use the grid to structure