Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Essay for today mock exam - email

1. Complete the analysis grids of Black Swan using the Mirror Stage and Male Gaze

2. Read the 3 resources and apply their ideas to chosen scenes

3. Write a response to the essay question on Gender (title is under last weeks lesson) using each of the 4 critical approaches (psychoanalysis, mirror stage, male gaze, Spectatorship) to Black Swan as a separate paragraph.

4. Look at last weeks lesson (some didn't cover) to help you and the 3 resources on Black Swan

Answer the question - how significant gender to a spectators experience and what evidence do you have for your argument?

Para 1.
Themes of parental influence (see clips on Psycho etc) on childhood and repressed subconscious animalistic desires (sex violence, sexuality)

Para 2.
Mirror stage
Themes of struggles with identity and the any Micro techniques used to break the God like perspective given by continuity editing and use of the 3rd person camera

Para 3
Male Gaze
Voyeurism and sexual gratification

Para 4
Spectatorship - alignment, emotional response/intellectual/spectacle and FACTORS - MAKE A JUDGMENT ABOUT GENDER IN BLACK SWAN
How does this GENDERED approach apply similarly to Clockwork Orange as well as Black Swan?

Sum up your points and argument

Email to when complete

Homework for Easter - counter argument; Oppositional Gaze

Research oppositional gazes - queer gaze, female gaze, black gaze - and write Present an analysis on a contemporary film of your choice using reviews, ratings and google scholar to apply an Oppositional Gaze.
Present this film week 1 next module with key scenes that show your analysis of the oppositional gaze and how it is constructed (micro) to create response in the spectator

Use the grid to structure

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

La Haine Context Case Study

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Set Work for Weds & Half Term

Read over the following slides on the Section B blog - this is where we will be studying from now on

Identify the following terms for use in your case study

Last week
Audience vs Spectator - define?
Emotional Response (last week)
Factor that affect (gender, sexuality, experiences, beliefs)

Processes of Spectatorship 1: Alignment & Allegiance

Define the following terms and apply to the clips - write up your notes on the attached worksheet

Now use your note from last week and the clips to gather the Textual Evidence to discuss how we are aligned with the characters.


Apply to demonstrate: Pick your Case Study from the list of Film recommended to discuss you own emotional response and alignment:

Task: Analyse the Micro techniques (MES, Cinematography, Editing, Sound) used by the director to provoke/manipulate these responses to gain the preferred reading/response from the spectator. Explain how this functions and what factors affect this?

Brokeback Mountain

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Spectatorship - Intro Emotional Response & Spectatorship Theory

Spectatorship Theory

Emotional Responses - Spectatorship & FMJ

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Tribute

Full Metal Jacket Post Viewing - Duality of Man & Exemplar answer

Section B: Film & Audience Experience - Mark Scheme & Content

Theoretical Approaches: Spectatorship, Reception, Cognitive & The Gaze
HISTORICAL - Clockwork Orange/Full Metal Jacket
FUTURE - Fans Xmen & 3D 

Our Key texts: Clockwork Orange
Django Unchained- The Black Gaze
X-men Days of Future Past (or Hunger Games)
One other from your own case study
Requiem For a Dream

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mark Scheme January Exam

1. Answer the question
How dependent are the films on Narrative to communicate their Messages (about Spain & France)

Task 1: What arguments have we got?
REVISION: Go through your notes -Mind Map:
WHAT ARE THE MESSAGES/Ideas the film expresses?
What National contexts have influenced these

2. How do the films differ in their dependency on Narrative to communicate Messages of France & Spanish National Cinema?

Make a Judgment - which depends more? Why? How are they different?

3. Give examples to back this up
Task: Go through your blog notes - back up the Mind Map with Textual Detail.

Conclusion: What detail on the key moments from the films related to Narrative are missing between you an your mentor partner?

Task: Self Evaluate:
Main Issues:
  • Not READING and therefore NOT ANSWERING the question
  • POOR PREPARATION - either:
  • No Notes
  • Incomplete Notes
  • No ACTIVE Revision (Planning, reducing, practice, analysis of clips etc)
  • No knowledge of Mark Scheme

Common Mistakes:
NOT AS question - not requiring you to consider whether they conform to CHN or individual theories on Narrative (Media students take note - not Q1b), but how the films USE and DEPEND on Narrative to get their messages across.

DO NOT go through and explain Propp, Todorov, CHN etc...USE these to analyse how the MESSAGES are communicated.

NOT a Trivia Quiz - irrelvant if Del Toro is Mexican or Kidnapped, or if Amelie is Racist - only if you APPLY it to your analysis to make a POINT that answers the question.

2nd Session:
30 minutes to prepare response to exam question:

Exam Question 1: Representation
How successfully are the films you have studied represent examples of National Cinema in their messages? Refer to specific examples in their cultural context.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Revision & Quiz


1. What 2 aspects are the focus for Authorship?

2. What other films has each director made?

3. What are the 3 themes that link each director's films?

4. What describes their recognisable Style?

5. What are 2 relevant characteristics of 'Cinema du Look' present in the Amelie?

6. What are the characteristics of 'Magical Realism' present in the films?

7. Are these traditions of film-making from their National Cinema - give examples of other films.

8. What other films National Cinema have influenced the idea, story or iconography of these films?

9. Which 2 artists influences the designs for Pans Labrynth?

10. What other actors do they regularly use and what roles do they play?

11. What do we know about Del Toro that links to his themes and interest in childhood, war and monsters?
12. Why is Pan's Labrynth 'New Mexican Cinema?'

13. To what extent are these films considered to be 'National Cinema' in the strictest sense?

14. Why did these films travel so well internationally?

15. To what extent do these directors qualifies as an Auteur (Bazin's definition)? 

16. What ideas or messages do they offer on masculinity, fascism, childhood, religion, politics, war and what it means to be French, Spanish/Mexican?

17. How were these films received in their domestic markets - were there any criticisms and why?

Examples of Short Films Genre & Style Film Noir & Surrealism

January Exam Prep

Authorship - how do the texts demonstrate the social, ideological, political and cultural contexts of their national of origin?

Why is this more complex with Pans & Del Toro?

Are they examples of National Cinema?

Create your own Narrative in the Authorial Style & Theme of These Directors/Countries - make this into an animatic trailer using found stills

Revision: Map Out the links to ideological context (Message & Values) from the Texts using Macro as the Centre

Authorship, Themes & Style

Coursework Deadline: Planning Due End of Module 3