Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Revision & Quiz


1. What 2 aspects are the focus for Authorship?

2. What other films has each director made?

3. What are the 3 themes that link each director's films?

4. What describes their recognisable Style?

5. What are 2 relevant characteristics of 'Cinema du Look' present in the Amelie?

6. What are the characteristics of 'Magical Realism' present in the films?

7. Are these traditions of film-making from their National Cinema - give examples of other films.

8. What other films National Cinema have influenced the idea, story or iconography of these films?

9. Which 2 artists influences the designs for Pans Labrynth?

10. What other actors do they regularly use and what roles do they play?

11. What do we know about Del Toro that links to his themes and interest in childhood, war and monsters?
12. Why is Pan's Labrynth 'New Mexican Cinema?'

13. To what extent are these films considered to be 'National Cinema' in the strictest sense?

14. Why did these films travel so well internationally?

15. To what extent do these directors qualifies as an Auteur (Bazin's definition)? 

16. What ideas or messages do they offer on masculinity, fascism, childhood, religion, politics, war and what it means to be French, Spanish/Mexican?

17. How were these films received in their domestic markets - were there any criticisms and why?

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