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Welcome to A2 - its starts here

Unit F633: Global Cinema & Critical Approaches (Exam)

Section A: Message & Values in Global Film (Non English)

Our texts: Amelie (2001 Fra. Jeneut) & Pan's Labrynth (2006 Esp. del Toro)

1 hr exam question
Comparative analysis of contrasting texts using 3 areas:
>Contextual influences on filmmaking
Historical (culture, politics, their national experience)
Ideological (messages)

Authorship (city of lost children, delicatessen, hellboy)
Representation (being French/Spanish, childhood & gender) 
Style (heightened or 'hyper' reality bleaker/brghter)
Visual effects
M-E-S Lighting, Sets & Locations, Costumes
Example Question: 
"Narrative plays a significant role in communicating messages & values. To what extent is this evident in the films you have studied?"

In Module 6 we will... 
Research activity - Prepare a film presentation (video essay on this hosted by a character form the film)
Differentiated tasks across the group led by teams - reassign Mentors
Starting point: 
1. Explore the historical political & social contexts of the countries studied - this is module 6 A2 work

France 2000 - compare with films like La Haine, French Riots - interview Ms Wace, French department
Spain 1940's - Interview Spanish Teachers,

2. Reception/audience response to the films (rotten tomatoes, facebook groups, blogs, IMDB) /domestic & global/box office criticism/reviews

3. Authorship - Family tree & bio of main actors actors/directors/producers of other films/style/genre

Prepare a video essay of all the collected research

Complete this by the end of Module 6 - Mr Burton's lesson begin coursework
Module 1 & 2 - Section A
Module 1, 2, 3, 4 Coursework
Module 3 & 4 - Section B

Section B Critical Engagement with Film & Cinema (debates around film & cinema)

1 hr question - 3 areas of study - 2 question choice (Regulation, Authorship, Audience experience/Spectatorship

Does regulation play an important role?

What impact does Authorship have on a films success? (use the 1st exam to drill into this)

Spectators gender affect their viewing experience?

A2 Media - representation, genre, narrative, audience theories (post modernism?)

Need to research to collect Case Study evidence (HE skills) - their own examples - run as an Old Media Spec Issues & Debates exam - body of research, books, reviews, articles etc - minimal resources to prepare them with, just the question.

Formulate a hypothesis & research, draw conclusions -
Draw on films studies coursework & section A foreign Films (Tatou, Jenuet, Del Toror, Nolan etc)


Contemporary Focus, Past context & predictions

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