Thursday, 27 June 2013

Contextual Documentary - "The Nation behind the cinema"

Friday Research Amelie & Pans Labrynth

Start to compile your video essays "The Nation behind the cinema"

Historical, political, social/cultural context (War, Immigration, Myths)
Film criticism - National & International response (why these film have global appeal?)
National Cinema - movement & styles, theories
Authorship - directors - themes, style and filmography

Key movements, directors and films
Key themes and styles (surrealism, 'magical realism'?)
National identity
Authorship & influences of past (devils backbone) films (spirit of beehive & Franco era films criticising regime?)

Macro Analysis of the film
Narrative structure prop heroes journey?
Genre romance fantasy?
Style  'magical realism' to explore myths
Representation of nation & gender

Video essay by end of term.

Opinions & criticisms

Work through

Is Amelie is CHN?

How does the Storybook narrative link the 2

Individually write a textual analysis of the film 'style' over the summer
Magical Realism (mise-en-scene)
Colour Correction

1. provide 1 still to define what aspect of style you are using as evidence
2. why is this used, what is the purpose of this stylistic effect?
3. what is the sub-text/ messages/meaning about chracters?

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