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Intro to Global Cinema: Case Study City of God

City of God - Genre City of God is part of the 'crime' genre and does follow the conventions of the genre. However it is also a social document giving it's audience an insight in the causes and effects of crime in some of Brazil's most deprived areas. Directors can use the conventions of a generic style to inform their story telling and highlight key issues For example - the reliance of guns and violence from Lil Ze is part of the crime genre - but it also indicates that guns are easily obtainable in the slums of Rio and that violence is used to keep large areas of territory under control

Unit F633: Global Cinema & Critical Approaches

Section A: Message & Values in Global Film (Non English) - yes foreign!

Our texts: Pans Labrynth & City of God

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1 hr 
Comaprative analysis
Contrasting texts

Contextual influences on filmmaking -  historical - ideological - social context
Macro: Genre, Messages, Authorship  
Representation (childhood) Style (heightend reality bleaker/brghter)
Micro: special effects, locations, costumes, actors, editing, camera, sound

Example question:
"Narrative plays a significant role in communicating messages & values' To what extent is this evident in the films you have studied?"

In Module 6 we will...  
Research & Critical Thinking activity - Prepare a documentary film on

Team 1: Pans Labrynth
Team 2: La Haine
Team 3: City of God
1. Explore the historical political & social contexts of the countries studied

France in 1995-2000's compare with films like La Haine, investigate Paris Riots - interview Mr Shepherd, French department
Spain 1940's - Interview Spanish Teachers, Spanish Civil War (me)

2. Reception/audience response to the films (rotten tomatoes, facebook groups, blogs, IMDB) domestic & global/box office criticism/reviews, how the films were received in their own countries. What messages did critics read into these films?

3. Authorship - Profile the Directors - Family tree & bio - main actors actors/producers/films/style/genre. What themes or messages are they interested in exploring across their work

Prepare for a video essay of all the collected research (can use interviews & clips) - How do the the films compare & contrast

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