Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Set work for Thursday

2 Teams: 1hr 30 mins

Jasmine, Luke, Grace, Benn, Danica, David (Pan's Labrynth)
Cara, Ollie, Martin, Peter, Layla, Beckie (Amelie)

Task: Split into research teams for your documentary to find visuals, B-roll, and footage for your documentary

1. Explore the historical political & social contexts of the countries studied

France in 1995-2000's compare with films like La Haine, investigate Paris Riots -interview Ms Wace, French department
Spain 1940's - Interview Spanish Teachers, Spanish Civil War (me)
Conclusion: How have these contexts affected the messages/themes of the film?

2. Reception/audience response to the films (rotten tomatoes, facebook groups, blogs, IMDB) domestic & global/box office criticism/reviews, how the films were received in their own countries. 
Conclusion: What messages did critics read into these films, what criticisms?

3. Authorship - Profile the Directors - Produce a Family tree & Bio main actors/producers/filmography/style/genre preferences. 
Conclusion: What themes or messages are they interested in exploring across their work

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